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Beef Stir Fry


 Beef ½kg+ cut into long strips.

 Specially made beef for stir fry will be soft so there is no necessary to cook it well.

Good quality soya sauce,

Fish sauce,

Oyster sauce,

White vinegar.

½ ts salt and ½ ts MSG/ Chinese salt/ ajinomotto.(People who are scared to use this take 2-3 maggi beef stock cubes. )

2 capsicums red and green,

1 ½ inch ginger.

Spring onions 4-5/8


In a bowl take 2tbs soya sauce, fish sauce 4-5 drops. fish sauce is very strong.

Take oyster sauce 2-3 tbs full and vinegar 1ts. Mix everything.

Grate ginger 1 inch and add it in the sauce prepared. Cut spring onions like matchsticks. Cut capsicum in moon shape thinly. In this stir fry there is no big chunks of vegetables

Add little cooking oil in wok and fry the beef. Add sauce made with ginger. Mix little and add salt and Chinese salt. Mix little and add capsicum.

Don’t cook the capsicum too much. The heat is very high of this wok, very hot so this capsicum will be ready in 2-3 mins dont cook it let it be raw from inside and roasted from outside. When the bubbles start to form the gravy has started to come at this stage add spring onion and off the heat immediately. Goes very well with good quality basmati rice