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Identify The Fake Honey


There are many benefits of honey, from weight loss to glowing skin. Consuming honey especially in winter is very beneficial, but if honey is pure, then only you get the nutrients of honey. In such an era, identification of fake and real honey is very important in this time of adulteration. Today we are telling you 6 such methods, using which you can identify genuine and fake honey.

Hot water will reveal the best and easiest way to identify genuine or fake honey. For this, fill hot water in a glass or bowl. Add a spoon of honey to it. If it dissolves in water, then honey is adulterated. At the same time, if it sits in the bottom of the pot making thick wire, then it is real.

Sugar Or Jaggery Is Used To Make Adulterated Honey.

Due to which it dissolves in water. If you are not able to test with water, you can check the purity of honey with fire. For this, burn a candle and wrap cotton in a wood and apply honey on it. Then keep this honey cotton wool on the flame, if the cotton starts burning, the honey is pure. If it takes time to burn then it is not

Identify honey with tissue or blotting paper The purity of honey can also be checked with blotting or tissue paper. For this, pour one drop of honey on the blotting paper or tissue. If there is adulteration of water in the honey, the paper will absorb it while the pure honey will remain on the paper.

Honey Test
Bread In  Honey Test,

bread will also catch the real and fake game of honey. Applying pure honey on bread will make it hard while applying adulterated honey on bread will become soft and wet.

Check With The Thumb

Put a drop of honey between the thumb and finger. Try to make strings from it. If the honey is pure, it will form a thick wire. Also, pure honey will remain stored on the thumb while adulterated honey will spread.

Do Test With Water And Vinegar,

add one big spoon of honey, 2-3 drops of vinegar and a little water in a glass or bowl. If you look for 2-3 minutes, then froth will start coming out of it. Under such circumstances, understand that honey is adulterated.

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