Trister Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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  • SpO2, PR, Pulse Bar, and Waveform displayed
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Small, Lightweight and with Very Low Power Consumption
  • Dual Color, OLED Display
  • High accuracy
  • Pulse rate
  • Oxygen saturation

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Oxygen is critical to life. It is the transport carrier of hemoglobin, through which oxygen is supplied to our bodies cells through the bloodstream. In healthy people, oxygen saturation should be between 94-99%. When it falls below this level, it can be dangerous.

Previously, blood oxygenation levels could only be understood by taking blood. Now, through pulse oximetry, it is possible to measure oxygen saturation levels with an external meter that analyzes the blood color. Measuring oxygen saturation can alert people to the potential for hypoxia (or oxygen starvation) and is of increasing assistance in sports as an indicator of good health. 

Key Features

SpO2 Display range: 30%~100%

Measurement range: 70%~100%

Accuracy : 70%~100%±2%; 0%~69% no definition

Resolution : 1%

Pulse Rate

Display range : 30bpm~250bpm

Measure range : 30bpm~250bpm

Accuracy : 30bpm~99bpm,±2bpm; 100bpm~250bpm, ±2%

Resolution : 1bpm

Pulse Amplitude

Display range : 0.1%~20.0%

Measure range : 0.2%~20.0%

Accuracy : 0.2%~1.0%, ±0.2digits; 1.1%~20.0%, ±20%

Resolution: 0.1%

Power: 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries

Includes : Device, Carrying Case, Lanyard,

Batteries & Instruction Manual