Over stay fine

From: ajfazith
Hi, My father and mother they came to UAE in 90 Days Visit Visa and Unluckily my father got Heart attack so my Father undergone a CABG surgery last month, after 3 weeks during the doctor’s visit they found a serious infection in his incision, consequently he was admitted again in the hospital. Doctor inspected his would and found so much of PUS formed inside and they are suspecting the infection might be gone deeply and they could not see the infection level by CT scan so again he has to be hospitalized. Already their visa expired on feb 3rd 2015 and still he has to be hospitalized for more than 20 days so they might be in overstay for totally 50 days. In this case kindly help me how much will be the penalty for both it will come and let me know is there any other way to reduce the fine amount.

annual leave – computation

From: jeralyn rodulfo
Hi I would like to ask ,I finished my 5yrs of contract in this company and i just renewed it last february last week, and im having my annual leave for 2 months as i did’nt take any leave for 2 yrs, but my problem is the company computation about my salary leave is basic only other allowance not included, this is first time in our compny i received such computation, as per my previous leave i received full amount of my salary for last 3 yrs im receiving this then now they are changing?kindly help me and advice me what law it is written that only basic and not full month salary amount we are going to take for every annual leave?

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