Women need to exit country for job visa

From: Najeem Ahmed

Women on relatives’ sponsorship have to leave the country before they can transfer their visa to employment, according to officials from the residency department.

Officials said that any woman sponsored by her relatives and wishing to transfer her sponsorship to employment visa must leave the country in order to be able to be issued the employment visa.

The officials said that if a woman is on her husband, father, brother or any relative’s sponsorship and she want to transfer her it to her employer, the relative must obtain an air ticket in her name and bring it to the residency department in order to cancel her visa.

The officials explained that the woman will be given seven days in order to leave the country.

“When the employment visa from the ministry of labour is ready then the woman can enter the country again,” the officials said.

Previously, the move was only applicable to expatriates who entered the country on visit visas and wished to change it to employment. Adjusting the legal status for everyone used to cost Dh500, without the need to leave the country.

The official said that this facility does not exist any more and all who are on their relatives’ sponsorship must leave the country to obtain employment visa.
People questioned the move and said that this will make their life difficult.

“Why does a mother or wife or daughter living in the country on residence visa have to exit the country in order to obtain employment visa? What is the use of this move,” asked Raji from India.

Les George from Philippines said his wife has been on his sponsorship for almost 10 years and now she has found a job but he was surprised when asked by the residency officers that he should bring an air ticket for her in order to cancel her visa and that she should leave the country in order to transfer her sponsorship to the employer.

“I visited the residency department today with the hope of cancelling my wife’s residence Visa, so that she can transfer to her company sponsorship. My wife, Mary, works as a Store Manager for a private company here,” he said.

“I was advised by residency officers to first pay all outstanding fines that may have incurred due to her overstaying,” he said.

“As per the instructions I visited the bank and made the necessary payments,” he said.
He added that following this he approached the officer at the counter, who had earlier assured that should he clear all outstanding fines, and acquire a valid Transfer Work Permit from the Ministry of Labour, he could transfer his wife’s visa and that she does not need to leave the country for visa change.

“However, today I was told that this was not possible and that she will have to leave the country in order for her visa to be cancelled, and that only after this, could her company apply for a new Visa despite the fact the residency staff themselves having told me last week to obtain for her the transfer work permit from ministry of labour,” he said.

Les said that despite the fact that he is worried about his wife who has to go to Kish Island for visa change, he has no choice but to send her.

“When I checked with the officer why she should exit and come despite the fact that he himself said to me last week that there was no need for her to exit, the officer said ‘thats was last week and we are in another week’,” he said.

“It takes us time to obtain the permit from labour upon the instruction of the residency officers and that increases my wife’s fine after I had paid and cleared the fine. If the officer told me from the beginning that this was not possible, he would saved his time, our time and money,” he said.

In 2004, the UAE government took decision to allow expatriates to amend their visa statu following a Kish Airline Fokker-50 crash as it was approaching Sharjah Airport on February 10. The plane was carrying people who had flown from the UAE to Kish Island so that they could change their visa status. Forty-eight people were killed in the crash, with just three survivors. After the crash, the UAE amended its visa rules, so that people in the country could change a visit visa to an employment visa by paying a Dh500 fee.

Most companies complying with UAE midday break rule

From: Mohd Manzoor

The Ministry of Labour said 99.6 per cent of companies in the UAE are complying with the mandatory midday break for people working under the sun during the summer months. The directive took effect on June 15.

According to the regulation, workers are to stop working under the sun or in exposed outdoor areas between 12.30 and 3pm.

Only 34 companies, or 0.04 per cent of the total violated the regulation and were sanctioned accordingly, according to the ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary For Inspection Affairs Maher Al Obad.

Ministry inspectors made 7,965 visits to worksites to ensure compliance with the rule which runs up to September 15.

The Ministry also conducted 116 other visits to worksites to raise awareness on the rule between June 1 and 26.

The 16 inspection teams visited some worksites more than once

146 illegals arrested in Dubai

From: News

One hundred and forty-six workers were arrested for working illegally for four companies in Dubai.

According to ministry of labour, the workers were sponsored by the Free zone authority in a northern emirate but they work for the companies in Dubai.

Officials at the ministry of labour said the four companies and the workers were referred to the public prosecution.

The official said that the three companies in Dubai who employ illegala belong to the same foreigner owner.
According to Essa Al Zarouni, director of inspections department at the ministry of labour, a team of 17 inspectors carried out a raid in one of the construction sites belonging to the investor in Dubai.

During the July 13 raid, carried out in coordination with Dubai Police, eight illegal workers were arrested and those workers led the officials to the other illegals who were working in the four companies.

He said that the companies employed 290 workers, out of them 146 being illegals

False case of absconding

From: Lawrance D’souza

. I have been working in a company for more than one year, but due to business problem my company can’t pay my salary on time. I used to get one salary every three months. They verbally asked me to take unpaid leave and work as a freelancer and come back to work after 3 to 4 months. I left the company for 2 months. Later I came to know that my company filed an absconding complaint against me in the Ministry of Labour to get rid of my salary and end of service dues. I tried to convince the ministry that the complaint was false, but unfortunately I failed. Is it not the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour to protect the worker? What shall the worker who was subjected to this problem do in this case and what is the way to lift the absconder ban? As per the Labour Law when can the employer file an absconder complaint against the employee. Please advise me.

visa cancellation

From: dinesh

i was working in dubai as an industrial equipment installation engineer in an electromechanical company.after 1 year i came to india on vacation.But due to some family problem i did not came back to dubai to continue my job.i left uae on august my visa got invalid and i want to cancel my visa from the immigration department.In the MOL UAE website my labour card status is shown as ACTIVE.And the status of my company which issued visa is shown as STOP(blocked from wage protection system) in the MOL UAE website..There is no case filed against me by the employer..Now i want to apply for visit visa,but due to the previous residence visa is active,the visit visa is not issuing..

How can i cancel my residence visa..please help me…And what documents needed to cancel the visa..

pls help me

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